Sam Speron, M D, F A C S

Board Certified
Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon

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Imagine the Body shape you want...

Reshaping Your Body in the Chicago area with Dr Speron:

Dr Speron has a tremendous amount of experience with Chicago Body Contouring & Reshaping Plastic Surgery & Cosmetic Surgery. They are among the procedures he performs most commonly. He is able to offer all types of options to his patients:

  • He performs all the various chicago facial cosmetic surgery approaches including minimally invasive and no-scar facial
  • He uses all types of supplemental procedures and newer injections.
  • He does not usually use drains for body contouring plastic surgery
  • He offers the pain pump, if patients request it but this isn’t necessary
  • All patients receive "nerve blocks" during surgery which means the pain cycle is controlled from the very beginning and it’s not uncommon for most patients to not take any narcotics or take them only for less than 24 hours.

Dr Speron is one of the leading body contouring cosmetic surgeons in the Chicago area and offers a wealth of expertise with all minimally invasive or short scar approaches.